Meet Your Organizer, Kathleen

Hello, I'm Kathleen MacAinsh, a designer, wife and mother, who decided to start this organizing business to help others feel the relief and freedom that an organized space and mind brings.

You can think of me as the tidy guide by your side! Teaching you how to gain and keep control of your home.

I'm a Certified Organizational Specialist™, which means I've studied and received specialized training to work with clients in their home as a professional organizer. 



What you can expect while working together

I’ll guide you step by step through the organizing process and create a custom maintenance plan for your space to stop the clutter from piling up again.

We'll chat about the space to better understand how the clutter got there in the first place. It's likely the set up of the space that's the root cause.

I'll ask:

  • Who uses the space
  • What they use it for
  • How they've been using it
  • How do they want to use it moving forward 

Knowing this, we can redesign your space, so it's streamlined for its intended use and tailored for the unique habits and preferences of those using it.

For example, some people will only put things away if it's easy to toss into a bin, versus opening a drawer, or pile papers instead of filing them away. I'll help you find what works for you and anyone else using the space. Not only will we clear the clutter but it'll be so easy to maintain.

If you want a clutter-free, organized space that's easy to maintain so you can thrive doing what's really important to you, then let's chat! 

Book a Discovery call with me, and let's get to know each other, and work through your organizing goals together.