How it works

Curious about the process?

Here's an example of a 4-24 session hands on help package in action.

Book a free consultation

Fill out the form or email me the details of your project. I'll come to your place and you can show me around and tell me all about the space, what's working and what's not. I'll likely take pictures during this time to help me with developing the organizing plan. 

Sort out the contracts and budgets

It's certainly not the exciting part of the project but it's an important one.  We will set a clear and realistic overall budget for purchasing any needed organizing products, this helps me develop an effective organizing plan to get the tidy space you've been dreaming of!

Depending on the package you purchase, we will book out the sessions in advanced so they are all in the calendar.  No worries, we can reschedule if something comes up.

Plan Proposal

We've met and you've shown me your space, now I develop a strategy to tackle your organizing project(s) with timelines and a suggested plan for how to best use your sessions with me. 

Depending on what kind of involvement you want to have, I may include a checklist of "homework" for you to work on before our next session. If you want a hands off approach, I will not include "homework".  You will have the final say on the order in which we tackle your projects, if you have more than one.

Declutter and Measurements

Once we've decided on a room to start with, I will take detailed measurements for space planning and floor plan purposes. 

At this time, we can start the very first step of getting organized, decluttering and sorting the stuff in your space.  This can be something you choose to do yourself or use a session for us to do together or have me do it for you.

Draw it out!

I source supplies and furniture customized for your needs and budget, and plan your space. I will provide you with plenty of visual inspiration to help you see the desired result. You'll have a chance to provide input. I am your tidy guide by your side and we are a team working together to get your the space you want.

Assign Homes

Once the space has been approved, we can start to put the plan into action. We will "assign homes", for all the things in your space using the layout plan. Assigning homes means choosing where those items will be stored when they are not in use.

Time to shop!

Now that we know what you have and where it is going to go, it's time to buy the furniture and/or organizing products.

Put it all together

Once products have been delivered to your home, it's time to put together the furniture, set up the room and contain everything by putting them into containers.  We will label everything so you and anyone else who uses the space knows where everything goes.

Enjoy your newly organized space!

Once the room is complete, we'll either be finished working together for now or start the next project. Either way, I'll be available to you for email and phone discussion to support you with any questions or concerns you may have about the space we worked on together. 

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